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Estate-grown & crafted in the Highlands of Jalisco


Unaged tequila distilled from 100% Blue Agave
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Aged six months in American White Oak casks
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Aged twenty months in American White Oak casks
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Double-oaked forty months in American & French Oak
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A Modern-Artisanal Tequila

El Tequila de Don Pilar is crafted in small batches at our distillery in the Jaliscan Highlands. Learn about the many steps that Don Pilar and his distillers take in crafting our wonderful tequilas.
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the man behind the bottle

This is my father—Don José PIlar Contreras Marquez and me—Juan Carlos Contreras, at Rancho La Cebolleta in San José de Gracia. Here is where our story begins. In a couple of years, my father will harvest this agave. From there, our distillers—Leopoldo, Gabriel and Alejandro will craft it into a wonderful spirit. We are a small brand—completely family-owned and operated. And at the heart of it is my father—Don Pilar. This tequila bears his name and is a result of the hard work and spirit that he, his family and friends put into it.
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Estate-grown agave from the ranches of Don José P Estate-grown agave from the ranches of Don José Pilar Contreras. #MiRanchito #losaltosdejalisco
Don Pilar Extra Añejo. Extra Aged. Extra Amazing. Don Pilar Extra Añejo. Extra Aged. Extra Amazing. #rusticelegance
@agave_ambassador reviews DonPilar Extra Añejo: @agave_ambassador reviews DonPilar Extra Añejo:

Don Pilar (NOM 1443) is from the Highlands of Jalisco and the single estate grown agave was harvested from Rancho Santa Rosa in 2008 and was aged 36 month in unused American White Oak barrels before resting an additional 4 months in the French Limouisin Oak barrels. It was bottled in 2012 creating a well-respected Extra Anejo Tequila. The Master DistillersTag Team was Leopoldo Solis Tinoco, Gabreil Espindola and Don Jose Pilar Contreras.
Its not often I get to try something I have never tried, I have been excited to try this tequila for the last few weeks that its been sitting on my shelf.
PACKAGING: The Don Pilar bottle is beautiful and very informative. Every bottle comes in a simple wooden box with a sliding "glass" opening. Very similar to the Tequila Ocho Xa case. Every box tells the story of La Cabalgata (the march), a Mexican tradition of horsemanship, faith and camraderie.
NOSE: The color is very unique, almost like a burnt chocolate orange color. The smell is that of a cognac or scotch with intense agave sweetness to it, followed by oak, acetone alcohol spice with a fruity caramel sweet finish.
TASTE: Upon entry it is very silky, great taste of dried apricot candy, dates, cooked agave, and dark chocolate.
FINISH: Orange peel slight bitterness, great lingering flavor of the oak richness with the sweetness of caramel and chocolate. 
FINAL SCORE: 88/100 Don Pilar is an elegant and delicious bottle for under $200. If you find it, try it. The more I drink of it the more I enjoy!
“Nix the mix, Savor the Flavor ~Gj”

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Se les invita a la tradicional cabalgata al Santua Se les invita a la tradicional cabalgata al Santuario del Sr. de Los Imposibles, en el Rancho Higuerillas, San Ignacio Cerro Gordo, Jalisco. La salida es a las 9am del templo de Guadalupe, San José de Gracia. Continuando con el recorrido por la calle de la entrada a San Ignacio en dirección a Higuerillas. El desayuno es en el lugar de costumbre a las 11am. La celebración de la Santa Misa será oficiada por el Sr. Cura Heliodoro Guillén Delgadillo a las 2:30pm. La comida se llevará a cabo en La Nopalera a las 3:30pm. Será amenizada por el Mariachi Real Atotonilco.
Organizadores: Jose Hernandez & J. Pilar Contreras Marquez

Se prohibe el acceso a vendedores ambulantes y personas con cuatrimotos.
Tamarindo (@tamarindo468), Oakland's beloved mexic Tamarindo (@tamarindo468), Oakland's beloved mexican antojeria, is sadly closing at the end of the year. Come out this coming Sunday for their final mezcal and tequila tasting. Don Pilar will be there with friends. Sunday, Dec. 8, 3-7pm, $55
468 8th Street, Oakland
Stop by @unodostacos on Thursday after work for so Stop by @unodostacos on Thursday after work for some Don Pilar. We’ll be sampling a fall-themed cocktail called Otoño.
The new Don Pilar emblem. Coming soon as a t-shirt The new Don Pilar emblem. Coming soon as a t-shirt.
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