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Estate-grown & crafted in the Highlands of Jalisco


Unaged tequila distilled from 100% Blue Agave
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Aged six months in American White Oak casks
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Aged twenty months in American White Oak casks
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Double-oaked forty months in American & French Oak
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A Modern-Artisanal Tequila

El Tequila de Don Pilar is crafted in small batches at our distillery in the Jaliscan Highlands. Learn about the many steps that Don Pilar and his distillers take in crafting our wonderful tequilas.
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the man behind the bottle

This is my father—Don José PIlar Contreras Marquez and me—Juan Carlos Contreras, at Rancho La Cebolleta in San José de Gracia. Here is where our story begins. In a couple of years, my father will harvest this agave. From there, our distillers—Leopoldo, Gabriel and Alejandro will craft it into a wonderful spirit. We are a small brand—completely family-owned and operated. And at the heart of it is my father—Don Pilar. This tequila bears his name and is a result of the hard work and spirit that he, his family and friends put into it.
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Tommy’s Mexican in SF is the OG of Tequila Bars. Come visit Julio and family at this legendary establishment. Great food, amazing agave spirits selection, great people, and the opportunity to hang out with Julio Bermejo, a tequila legend. #bucketlist #SFTequila #tequilabar
Celebrate Mexico this week!
Noche Mexicana at La Fonda Restaurant & Bar in Redwood City
Thursday, September 15, 5pm to 10pm
Come hang out with Don Pilar and Mixologist Oscar Lopez for tequilas, mezcales, music and amazing mexican food.
Happy birthday, Don Pilar. Raise your glass to this hard-working man who still shows up seven days a week. Thank you for the beautiful tequila you’ve created. Salúd!
Don Pilar and son—Juan Carlos introduce their new Añejo expression, aged for 28 months in American White Oak. Pick it up at your local retailer or swing Don
Pilar’s restaurant, Amigos Grill for one of his generous pours. 
#crafttequila #anejotequila
Añejo Fans Rejoice!
The latest bottling of Don Pilar’s Añejo has arrived in the USA, and will be on retail shelves soon. This lot was aged for a very generous 28 months in American White Oak, resulting in an intense butterscotch oak aroma and rich golden-orange sparkle. Salúd, amigos. 
#crafttequila #añejo #losaltosdejalisco
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