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Estate-grown & crafted in the Highlands of Jalisco


Unaged tequila distilled from 100% Blue Agave
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Aged six months in American White Oak casks
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Aged twenty months in American White Oak casks
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Double-oaked forty months in American & French Oak
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A Modern-Artisanal Tequila

El Tequila de Don Pilar is crafted in small batches at our distillery in the Jaliscan Highlands. Learn about the many steps that Don Pilar and his distillers take in crafting our wonderful tequilas.
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the man behind the bottle

This is my father—Don José PIlar Contreras Marquez and me—Juan Carlos Contreras, at Rancho La Cebolleta in San José de Gracia. Here is where our story begins. In a couple of years, my father will harvest this agave. From there, our distillers—Leopoldo, Gabriel and Alejandro will craft it into a wonderful spirit. We are a small brand—completely family-owned and operated. And at the heart of it is my father—Don Pilar. This tequila bears his name and is a result of the hard work and spirit that he, his family and friends put into it.
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Come hang out with us at Livermore's Home of Tequila for a dinner and tequila pairing. Juan Carlos, son of Don Pilar, will be presenting the family line-up tequilas alongside a multi-course dinner. Take copious notes, because there'll be a quiz at the end and he'll be giving away bottles and t-shirts. 

$100 per person, RSVP by calling Andres at 1.209.678.4727
Feliz National Margarita Day!
Order one for happy hour or make one at home. Salúd!
Need a recipe? Try the classic Tommy’s margarita:
2 oz. Tequila Don Pilar
1 oz. freshly squeezed lime juice
1/2 oz. agave syrup (diluted)

Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker and fill 3/4 with ice. Shake until chilled. Serve in a rocks glass. 

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Uno ó dos? Which do you prefer?
At Tiny Bar with Xan Estrada, an aficionado speakeasy bar in the town of Tequila. By appointment only, but worth it. #tequilajalisco @quio.ta
Don Pilar ya llego a la luna!  Have you been to Luna Kitchen? Amazing mexican kitchen. Both locations - San Jose and Campbell - now serving Don Pilar margaritas. #eatlikeanancestor #crafttequila @lunamexicankitchen
Don Pilar wishes everyone a safe and happy holidays. Stop by and visit him at his cantina in Portola Valley. Salúd!

Don Pilar les desea a todos unas fiestas felices y sanas. Vengan a visitarlo en su cantina de Portola Valley. Salúd!
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Don Pilar is cutting down corn stalks. Gotta clear that field for more agave. Not bad stamina for a 78-year old, eh!
#ranchlife #losaltosdejalisco
Saludos desde Cantina La Soga.
Don Pilar enjoying a midday break with his distillers in between a long day of tequila production and planning. Salúd.
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